About The Gallery

galleryFrom the day Greg and Rachel took over Waterfalls Cafe, a gallery was always in the plans.

The gallery walls went up on 3rd January 2013, the following 5 days we were closed and evacuated to Hobart due to devastating bushfires. The fires knocked the wind our of sails for a few months, however on the 1st June 2013 the Gallery was officially launched by Mr Craig Farrell, Member for Derwent.

Waterfalls Gallery features the work of Greg Power, and 5 other Tasmanian Photographers.  

  • Peter Dombrovskis
  • Wolfgang Glowacki
  • Dennis Harding
  • Simon Olding
  • Grant Dixon



All images featured in the gallery are taken in Mt Field and Southwest National Parks.  They are places that are a little more off the beaten track and designed to inspire visitors to explore our wonderful National Parks further.

Located inside the Mt Field Visitors Centre, Waterfalls Gallery is a warm and inviting place to browse remarkable imagery. 

Be warned however, Images may inspire!

Coming Soon... 
As Waterfalls Cafe and Gallery continues to grow you will be able to purchase our images through our online shop.