Our Story

In 2007, with their daughters 4 and 2 years old, Greg Power announced to his wife Rachel "I want to travel around Australia with the family and photograph it."  Initially Rachel thought it a very good joke.  In 2008 with Jasmine 5 and Jemma 3 that is exactly what they did, they travelled right around mainland Australia and the Great Aussie Road Trip was born. 

From then on however the Power Family had an uncontrollable urge to Road Trip.  For the next couple of years they took plenty of extended Road Trips with their now family of five (Teddy born 9 months after their first trip).  It wasn't until 2011 however that they made it to their final Australian State yet to visit - Tasmania.

With Jasmine 8, Jemma 6 and Teddy 2 their 9 week Tassie Adventure changed their life.  Just 2 days into the trip it changed from a holiday to a "where should we live" mission.  Inspired by the people, the landscapes and the potential of Tasmania, Mt Field particularly took their fancy.  

Purchasing Waterfalls Cafe was (and still is) the beginning of the Power Family's plans. Creating a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere in the cafe, teamed with a wonderful experience in Mt Field National Park is always at the front of mind for this hard working family. Sourcing much local produce and encouraging local growers of all sizes to bring their seasonal produce into the cafe  means the specials on offer change regularly.  Always remaining as fresh as possible, the cafe caters for snacks, light meals and full hearty dishes.  Welcoming small groups to Tour groups, Waterfalls Cafe will always leave you with a smile on your face. 

On the 1st June 2013 the Waterfalls Gallery officially opened, their first big plan to come to fruition. Featuring imagery from Greg Power, Simon Olding, Wolfgang Glowacki, Grand Dixon, Dennis Harding and most excitingly the stunning work of Peter Dombrovskis.  All images hung in the Gallery are from Mt Field and Southwest National Parks, showcasing hidden gems from the area, enticing visitors to explore the region for themselves.

Stay tuned to this page, there is lots more to come from Waterfalls Cafe and Gallery, and the Power family...